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Stethoscopes to Swaddles Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

The day the world changed- March 13, 2020

  • Before the pandemic- our identities as mothers and employees were separated
  • Many of the salient relationships described primarily transpired in our homes due to the constraints of social distancing and quarantine imposed by the
  • The four main themes
    • mental load and exhaustion
    • conflicting identities
    • Shame cycle,- guilt, shame, gratitude
    • connection and reflection

Links and articles mentioned:

Identity and Connection as Working Mothers during the Pandemic: An Autoethnographic Account- Brittany Arthur and Basheva Guy

Invisible Household Labor and Ramifications for Adjustment: Mothers as Captains of Households

What Is The Mental Load? The Invisible Labor Falling On Women's Shoulders

Return of the 1950s housewife? How to stop coronavirus lockdown reinforcing sexist gender roles